Products: V3D-System

V3D is a "turn-key" 3D medical imaging system. A complete imaging workstation, V3D has all the necessary hardware and software components needed for interactive 3-D and 2-D views of diagnostic CT and MRI images. The user does not need to setup the system or to have extensive knowledge of computer operation.

All Viatronix software modules have received FDA 510K market clearance, are CE marked and the company is also ISO 13485 certified. Viatronix is the first and only company to receive FDA 510k clearance specifically for colon cancer screening.

V3D consists of the following:

V3D Medical Imaging Workstation consists of the following:
3D imaging workstation component

V3D-Processor receives 2-D DICOM images from a medical image acquisition device (CT, MRI, etc), and automatically generates a 3-D electronic model.

  3D imaging workstation component

V3D-Viewer receives the 3-D electronic model created by V3D-Processor. The V3D-Viewer utilizes advanced graphical algorithms to display the 3-D electronic model along with 2-D images in different anatomical imaging planes. The V3D-Viewer allows the user to interactively fly through the organ of interest and provides task-specific 3D medical imaging, analysis, and measurement tools.

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