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V3D-Colon: Benefits

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Benefits for Radiologists
Benefits for Gastroenterologists
Benefits for Patients

Benefits for Radiologists:
Positive economic impact as new revenue source and productivity tool
  Automatic pre-processing requiring no physician time
  Automatic segmentation of colon
  Automatic "electronic bowel cleansing" removes tagged residual material
  Automatic calculation of flight path maximizes viewing perspective
  3D-Processor receives 2-D DICOM images from a medical image acquisition device (CT, MRI, etc), and automatically generates a 3-D electronic model.
  Unparalleled high frame rates and high image quality means less than 15 minutes for a complete examination
  Simple, easy-to-use navigation interface optimized for examining the colon
  Provides unrestricted viewing angles of all colon surfaces
  Seamless integration between automatic and interactive navigation modes
  Accurately identifies polyps 3mm +
  Application specific tools ensure ease of use and thorough exam
  View location and perspective in both 2-D and endoscopic views
  Tools for marking and measuring polyps
  Flexible lighting for greater detail and increased depth perception
  Variable transparency technology distinguishes tissues of different density
  Automatic tracking of surfaces viewed ensures 100% of colonic surface viewed
  Provides fast, integrated electronic multi-media reporting

Benefits for Gastroenterologists:
More patients examined means more therapeutic colonoscopies/polypectomies
  Productivity increased on endoscopies due to accurate pre-visualization and location of pathologies
  Ensures complete examination of all patients
  Allows viewing past obstructing lesions and behind folds
  Nearly eliminates the already modest risk associated with a physical examination

Benefits for Patients:
  Calls for more comfortable, agreeable preparation
  Provides more accurate examination results
  Offers a non-invasive alternative
  Takes significantly less time
  Does not require sedation
  Benefits for Insurers/Self-Insured Employers
  A fraction of the cost of optical colonoscopy
  Potentially greater patient compliance through increased patient use
  Greater compliance and resulting early polyp detection/removal increases the probability of avoidance of high cost cancer cases
  Less time away from work for the procedure

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