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Viatronix is the first and only company to have received FDA 510k market clearance for patient screening for colon cancer based upon independent multi center clinical trials.

V3D-Colon Computer Interface

Intuitive User Interface
Automatic Segmentation & Centerline Extraction
Average Read time: 10 - 12 minutes per Patient
Electronic Bowel Cleansing
Productivity tools:
Automatic & Interactive Navigation
100% Lumen Coverage & Verification
Measurement Tools
Transparent Rendering Mode
3-D Virtual Colonoscopy & 2-D CT Colonography Synchronized Views
New Procedure Equals Increased Revenue
More Throughput Equals Faster Return on Investment
Increase Your CT Utilization
PACS Interface:
Viatronix offers a flexible PACS interface that can be customized within a physician's workflow
DICOM data can be sent from/received from any PACS
Post processed CTC datasets can be launched from within a PACS workstation(s) on a non-proprietary basis, using a simple launch mechanism.
Reports and snapshots from a CTC study can be easily stored from the Viatronix V3D®-Colon software to the PACS
If the PACS supports encapsulated PDF, the V3D®-Colon report is available in PDF
Customer Service:
Viatronix is recognized for its excellent and personalized customer support
On site applications training
Customer phone support is available during normal business hours
Immediate assistance is available by internet remote access
Strong after sales support by the applications team as well as the customer IT support team
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Virtual Colonoscopy
Up until now, colonoscopies have been seen as time-consuming, uncomfortable and inconvenient procedures. This negative image has led to 50-55% of the population never getting screened for colorectal cancer. It also plays a large part in colorectal cancer being the second leading cause of cancer death in the United States, especially since colorectal cancer is more than 90% preventable when detected early.

Virtual Colonoscopy / CT Colonography is a proven alternative to traditional optical colonoscopy. It is minimally invasive, requires no sedation and takes only a few minutes. Virtual Colonoscopy is well accepted by patients and has shown an increase in screening compliance when offered to the general public.

V3D® Colon is available as a "turn-key" or software only Virtual Colonoscopy solution. Viatronix is one of the few companies offering software only solutions. No major setup or extensive computer knowledge is required. Viatronix offers on site hands on training for the V3D® Colon system.

V3D® Colon is the only system to have been validated in multiple, independent clinical trials over the past eight years. The results have been published in several medical journals. The results of these clinical trials have shown that the Viatronix V3D® Colon system has one of the highest sensitivity and specificity of any system on the market.

Download V3D® Colon Product Brochure

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Learn about our V3D Virtual Colonoscopy Training Program for Radiologists.

Virtual Colonoscopy Information for Patients.

V3D® Colon has received US FDA 510(k) market clearance. The module is CE marked. The company maintains ISO 13485 and CMDCAS certification.