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ARRS, American Roentgen Ray Society:

This computer exhibit demonstrates the ease in which virtual colonoscopy can be performed with direct endoscopic navigation using a real-time volume rendering system. From CT images, the colon is automatically segmented, a 3-D model is created and its centerline is generated. Utilizing electronic bowel cleansing, where oral contrast opacified fluid/stool is automatically removed, dynamic flythroughs of the colon are presented to the viewer in a cine format. Guided navigation smoothly follows the centerline, as a flight path, toward the end of colon. The direction of navigation can be selected and the current distance from the rectum displayed for all points along the centerline. With real-time rendering at over 10 frames/sec, interactive exploration navigation of the endoscopic views can analyze the inside of the colon - even behind haustral folds - and obtain accurate 3D measurements of suspicious structures. The visualized colon surface can be marked and measured during guided fly-through navigation. Areas of the surface not directly viewed by the observer are presented back to him or her for direct evaluation. Suspected abnormalities could be further evaluated using translucent rendering, a semi-transparent view beneath the surface that represents structures of various densities in different colors.

During the exhibit viewing times, the author will be available for hands-on training to interested attendees utilizing several dozen path-proven cases. The system will also be available for self-tutoring throughout the meeting.

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